PLUS: Floricultural sector needs solution for plastic waste

European governments and retailers want to reduce the amount of plastic waste. What does that mean for the floriculture chain, where almost all packaging is made of plastic? A number of solutions were proposed at the recent sustainability conference organised byInternational Association of Horticultural Producers AIPH. However, nobody presented the ultimate solution that will solve all problems in one go. What was clear for everyone, is that something must happen. It’s time to close the loop.

Since a year or so, plastic has suddenly been high on everyone’s agenda. China closed its borders for waste from the West and Germany introduced a new Packaging Act. Reports of dead whales with their stomachs full of shopping bags, like in Italy last week, make people think. The image of plastic has gone into free fall. How should the floriculture sector respond? At the AIPH (International Association of Horticultural Producers) Spring Meeting in Noordwijk last week, one whole day was dedicated to sustainability in the floricultural industry.

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