Presales buyer is treated as a VIP at Veiling Holambra

Veiling Holambra has started to distribute the plants and flowers that are bought via auction presale directly to the buyers’ boxes 24/7. Furthermore, growers can now choose to offer all their clock supply via auction presale, and buyers can buy via auction presale 24/7. Director André van Kruijssen says that it adds a whole new dynamic to the auction. “If growers and buyers are going to use the services 24/7, they’ll have a marketplace that’s unbeatable.”

When Brazil was hit by the coronavirus in the third week of March, their plant and flower trade practically came to a standstill. Veiling Holambra stopped all clock sales for seven days. Web shop sales, intermediary services and auction presale continued. Growers were still allowed to deliver to the auction for auction presale products. The percentage of products that growers could offer via auction presale was increased from 50 to 100%. Anything that wasn’t sold via auction presale in two or three days, was destroyed.

In the meantime, the plant trade at Veiling Holambra has started to recover. The flower trade is still struggling because all events are cancelled. Veiling Holambra introduced a new system in the beginning of March. Until then, the distribution of auction presale was always aligned with the distribution of clock sales. Nowadays, the auction distributes products sold via auction presale to the buyers straight away. Veiling Holambra also decided to keep the auction presale percentage at 100%.

More responsive

“Auction presale always continued, even in the beginning of the coronavirus crisis”, reports director André van Kruijssen. “Helping our customers get used to auction presale at that time has strengthened us. When the clock started again, auction presale had really taken off.”

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