‘Scale increase progressing rapidly here’

Dutchman Hans Boot came to Italy in 1990 to do an internship and learn the language. And he never left. He’s been working as a purchase and sales manager and, according to himself, a jack-of-all trades, at Romiti Vivai in Pistoia for two years now. Boot reports that the scale increase within the sector is progressing rapidly now. The financial crisis in 2008 already meant the end of around a quarter of all Italian nurseries. Romiti was one of the few companies that was growing at that time, and they’re now one of the four largest nurseries in the region.

With a clear blue sky, a gentle breeze and a maximum temperature of 34 degrees, this third Thursday of August at nursery Romiti Vivai in Pistoia is a typical Tuscan summer’s day. However, everything is remarkably quiet. Apart from the sound of the micro sprinklers, you could hear a pin drop. (..)

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