Sunshine Bouquet: ‘Logistics are the main concern now’

One of the larger players within the Latin American flower industry is Sunshine Bouquet. This Colombian/American company can be found in the list of 500 largest companies in Colombia. They’re also one of the larger parties that expanded in Ecuador recently. “We want to ensure we’ve got the right quantity and quality flowers to meet the demand of our customers.”

The flower industry in Ecuador has recently been characterised by a takeover wave like a gold rush. Several nurseries were taken over by mostly large, Colombian/American companies. Sunshine Bouquet and Elite Flower are the two largest flower companies in Colombia. Both have an American dimension. They’re playing an important role in the scaling trend in Latin America.

Photo Sunshine Bouquet

Sunshine’s operational director Pablo Prieto tells us a little more about the company. The cut-flower giant has a total cultivation acreage of 1,200 ha. In normal times, more than 20,000 employees get around 25 million stems ready for the market each week. During peak periods, that figure almost doubles. (..)

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