The Arboretum will be the legacy of Floriade Expo 2022

“The World Exposition in Paris gave the city the Eiffel tower. The Floriade in Rotterdam left behind the Euromast tower, and the Arboretum will be the legacy of Floriade Expo 2022 in Almere.” Dendrologist Jaap Smit, member of the Floriade planting team, gave us a tour of the site in Almere. He told us all about the creation of this new Arboretum.

“The planting team wants to demonstrate several things here. Which trees are suitable for our future climate, but also, the benefits that each tree can bring. Which trees are best for capturing particulate matter, which produce fruit or provide shade? And which types and cultivars perform the best? We’d like to put all this information online for visitors as well.”

Photo Ed Olivier

Smit believes there’s plenty of space for exotic trees in the green city of the future. “At a time of climate change, we shouldn’t try to hold on to the assortment that’s adapted to the current climate. We need to start looking for trees that are suitable for the climate that we’re going to have. This is especially true for the warmer, urban environment.” (..)

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