Traffic restrictions hinder Ecuadorean flower sector

The Ecuadorean flower trade is hindered by traffic restrictions in Quito. Interest organisation Expoflores has raised the issue together with other branch organisations.

The Ecuadorean government has lifted the state of emergency, which had been in place for six months. The ‘toque de queda’ (curfew time) will no longer determine when public life comes to a halt. Sectors considered of high importance could go about their business without too many problems during the state of emergency. Transport for exports and the supply to supermarkets and other stores (especially foodstuffs) weren’t hindered much by the restrictions.

Not happy

With the lifting of the state of emergency, which was managed at a national level, regional governments will now get more of say in how to deal with Covid-19. But entrepreneurs aren’t happy about the restrictive measures in Quito. There are many nurseries in the vicinity of the capital city and the airport is located there as well.

Criticism expressed by the entrepreneurs highlights two points. The first regards the restricted mobility, which is based on license plate numbers (even/odd). The monthly rotating system is different from systems in other regions. (..)

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