Unrest hinders flower sector Colombia

Blockades have been hindering parts of the flower sector in Colombia for more than a month now. Especially growers outside capital city Bogota are affected by the unrest. Up until May, the Colombian flower industry was doing very well. On the positive side, the busiest period for the Colombian flower sector was more or less over when the protests began.

The protests against government proposals for tax reforms began at the end of April. When the government withdrew their plans, the unrest continued. The protests affected the last of the busy days leading up to Mother’s Day (9 May).

According to Augusto Solano, president of branch organisation Asocolflores, the demonstrations hinder parts of the sector in various ways. Staff can’t get to work, the supply of cultivation materials is interrupted, and produce doesn’t reach the airport or the harbour, where more and more flowers are shipped from these days, on time or at all.

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