‘We are now at a level that we can help other auctions’

There are flower auctions all over the world. What can they learn from each other? AIPH has brought several auctions together in a platform. At a recent conference in Holambra, they exchanged experiences with regards to logistics, marketing, certification and digitalisation.

“We’re now at a level where we can help other auctions too. We’re really excited about the auctions platform.” Those are the words of André van Kruijssen, CEO of Veiling Holambra. He just finished a brief introduction of his auction in Brazil. On Sunday 8 March, this marketplace acted as the host of the auction platform conference which, led by AIPH, explores if and how auctions could work together and exchange knowledge.

During the course of his career, Van Kruijssen has learned a lot about the auction systems in Aalsmeer, Bleiswijk, Vleuten and Ede. And even during the past seven years and eight months, he never hesitated to take a look behind the scenes at other auctions and translate good ideas to the Brazilian situation.

RFID tags

Meanwhile, Veiling Holambra has reached a level where other auctions can learn from them as well. Take their logistics system for example. The marketplace has equipped all trolleys, trolley shelves and containers with RFID tags, so that the auction always knows who’s responsible for these items.

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