Will foreign floriculture benefit from Dutch energy crisis?

The energy crisis in horticulture will certainly lead to a drop in the production of plants and flowers in the Netherlands in the short term. Is taking your business abroad an option? And will foreign floriculture benefit from Dutch energy crisis?

Otto de Ruiter of Artemis Lilies cultivated 5 ha of lilies in southern Spain’s Almeria in 2020, an area on the Mediterranean known as a plastic sea of vegetable greenhouses. In addition to his operations in his native Westland region and Almere, he has been active in this southern European country for 15 years. In the last 18 months, he has been expanding considerably there. Besides cultivating 12 ha in the Netherlands, he now owns 12 ha of lilies in Spain. “The expansion was already in the pen but was accelerated by the high energy prices,” explains De Ruiter. (..)

View of a landscape with intensive farming in Almeria, Spain, Shutterstock

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