World Floral Expo moving to Chicago in 2018

    The management of the international floral trade show “World Floral Expo”, which held this year’s edition of World Floral Expo in pavilion 2 of the World Market Center of Las Vegas, decided to host the next edition of World Floral Expo in Chicago. After 4 years the event will return to the Rosemont Convention Center in 2018 and will be held from Tuesday March 20 to Thursday March 22.

    Although it was decided earlier to stay another year in Las Vegas, a survey concluded it was better to keep on exploring different locations and choose for other US cities, in order to enable a maximum number of US flower buyers to attend the shows.

    This year’s trade show was very well attended, especially on the first two days. Both exhibitors and visitors were very satisfied with the results. “Every trade show needs at least one good day and we had two good days. There was great buzz going around with lots of buyers walking the show, from the moment it opened until almost the end of the day”, according to a spokesman of the trade show.

    One of the surprising elements of this year was the high number of flower growers exhibiting in this year’s edition of World Floral Expo. More than 90% of all exhibiting companies were flower growers from the main flower producing countries, i.e. USA, Ecuador, Colombia, Kenya and Ethiopia.



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