A 30-year long road

    Almost out of nothing, the road to the farm I am visiting is suddenly being paved with asphalt. After more than thirty years, construction has finally started. All this time, the residents have been assuaged with what turned out to be empty promises. The money needed to build the road vanished several times, and it took a lot of saving to raise it again. Now, after all this time, the project has finally taken off.

    As in most of Africa, the road is being constructed by the Chinese. It makes you wonder whether the Kenyans can’t do it themselves, but the Chinese have drawn up a plan with the Kenyan government. An Italian is overseeing the project, checking whether the road is being constructed according to specifications. The miserable housing conditions of the Chinese workers do not bode well, however. It is said that they have not been paid in six years. (..)

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