Optimism among tree growers in Oldenburg

    Trading companies in the German region of Oldenburg welcomed customers to their premises for in-house trade fairs in recent weeks. And despite the fact that spring is still far away, and the autumn isn’t the most important time of the year, there was great enthusiasm at the Oldenburger Vielvalt. As a representative of Zu Jeddeloh Pflanzen described it, “As tree growers, we’re on the sunny side now”.

    Tree growers in the Northern German region of Oldenburg traditionally open their doors for business relations during the Oldenburger Vielvalt. Some trading companies even have an in-house trade fair for the full month of August. Like garden-centre supplier Heinje Baumschulen.

    When we asked owner Sebastian Heinje in the third week of their Heinje Pflanzenshow what the mood was like among the traders, he said: “Our autumn sales are slightly higher than last year. We’re still selling hydrangea and Weigela, as well as autumn products like Calluna and typical autumn-colour plants, to our German customers.”

    However, he adds: “The moment of truth will be in April. That’s the most important time for us. And with all the attention on Covid-19, you’d almost forget it, but the weather is still our main influence.” (..)

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