Floribusiness Photo - Video Robot moves Danish trolleys

    Robot moves Danish trolleys


    You don’t have to move Danish trolleys yourself anymore, an innovation demonstrated at the international trade fair GreenTech in RAI Amsterdam.

    In the stand of Eurotec Precision Equipment a so-called Lowpad was shown: an agv or automated guided vehicle which traces a Danish trolley, slides under it, lifts it and then moves it to where-ever you want.

    The Lowpad is only 12 centimetres high and determines wirelessly its position. Eurotec has not developed the robot purely for nursery trolleys, but actually for all transport goods in warehouses.

    A demonstration of the Lowpad at GreenTech:

    Video: Arno Engels

    Arno Engels
    Arno Engels is sinds 2000 vakredacteur bij De Boomkwekerij. Hij is opgegroeid in de sector en heeft op verschillende boomkwekerijen in binnen- en buitenland gewerkt.

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