Optimal traceability? ’Trade chain is mainly responsible’

    Dutch authorities respond to the European Nurserystock Association, about their concern of having all traceability systems working when the EU Plant Health Regulation will be effective.

    According to the ENA many nurserymen are concerned, because currently the issue of passports is not the same in every EU country. Some countries allow nurseries to print the passports themselves, while authorities in other countries do the issuing and printing.

    For the new EU Plant Health Regulation a new uniform EU Plant Passport is required. All EU governments have their responsibilities, explains Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority NVWA. They include the registration of companies and issuing national phytosanitary registration numbers.

    Responsibility trade chain

    However, NVWA points out that the trade chain has a large part of the responsibility for optimal traceability. For example, the new EU legislation requires up-to-date business administration (for purchase and sale) to enable traceability in the trade chain.

    These registration and administration systems may not be equally developed in all EU countries or all companies on 14 December 2019. That may require some mutual tolerance, says NVWA.

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