‘Africa is becoming more and more independent’

There are many opportunities for Europe in Africa. The population is growing, and the economic welfare is increasing. In general, the trade between Europe and Africa is falling behind. But not when it comes to the floricultural sector. European suppliers bring knowledge and materials to the continent, where flower growers from the Netherlands among others, have been active for years. The connection between the African growers and flower hub the Netherlands seems to be getting weaker though. More and more often nowadays, they’re exporting directly to the end customer.

China and Japan have been active in Africa for years. They’re helping African countries with the construction of their infrastructure. In return, they’re gaining access to important resources. European countries aren’t integrating in Africa in the same way. Surprising perhaps, because the continents aren’t that far away from each other and they’re almost in the same time zone.

Photo Florius

That’s how Peter Bouma described it at the HAS University of Applied Sciences conference on African prospects. Bouma worked at Royal FloraHolland as area manager Africa for 11 years. Nowadays, he works as an agribusiness consultant and part-time adviser/lecturer with HAS. (..)

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