‘Consolidation among trading companies is positive for growers’

Marco van Zijverden’s calendar is going to change dramatically. He’ll still be involved in Dutch Flower Group (DFG), but it will be more in the background. Jan van Dam has now worked with the company for a year, and he will soon be bearing full responsibility when he takes over as CEO. What do the two men think of each other and of certain themes within the market?

Jan van Dam: “Marco is great to work with. He’s entrepreneurial, extremely knowledgeable and he’s a people person. We get on well. My fresh perspective and his experience have led to interesting conversations about the future. He’s going to be a member of the advisory board, so he won’t be gone altogether. I like that. There’s still plenty to learn about the world of plants and flowers for me. But there’s lots of expertise within DFG. We can help each other move forward by staying curious.”

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Jan van Dam

Marco van Zijverden: “Jan worked with Ahold for 23 years, so when he joined us, he had different views. He sees things from a fresh perspective, which is great. For example, he looked at our suppliers of cardboard, transport, etc. We work with preferred suppliers and we want to see something in return. Jan has very specific ideas about this. I remember writing a tender for cardboard fifteen years ago. That’s being revived in a completely new way now. Jan has shown great enthusiasm so far. He sometimes does things slightly different from what we’re used to and I’ve noticed that that seems to motivate our people.” (..)

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