Floribusiness Corona ’Corona is disastrous for pot grown roses’

’Corona is disastrous for pot grown roses’


Frank Coenders Nurseries in the Netherlands is confronted with cancelled orders for pot grown garden roses, while customers in European retail have their stores still open.

’At the beginning of last week they left us with 400 CC trolleys of pot grown roses’, says Frank Coenders about supplying certain customers in European retail. ’Corona is disastrous for our trade.’

What is Coenders doing right now with the cancelled roses? What kind of impact does this have on his business? And does he have enough staff to do all the labour? Read the full interview in the newest Floribusiness magazine. Click here for a free subscription to the (digital) magazine.

Photo’s by Arno Engels

Arno Engels
Since 2000 Arno Engels has been editor of De Boomkwekerij, Dutch magazine for hardy nursery stock. Since 2018 he is also Floribusiness editor.

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