German grower Achim von Falkenhayn ‘We sell to anyone who’s willing to pay’

What are you busy with at this time?

“We aren’t too busy really. It’s the holiday season, many of our staff are on holiday. We’re still doing a little bit of pruning and weeding to get things ready for the new season.

”What do you do yourself at this time of the year?

“I’m responsible for purchasing, sales and everything to do with customers. What do we want to do in the future? What will tomorrow be like? What do I want more, or less of? It’s important to think anti-cyclical. There’s currently an oversupply of Tilia, so in three years’ time, there will be a shortage. It’s always like that.

Achim von Falkenhayn from VF-Pflanzen von Falkenhayn.

”Are you optimistic about the coming season?“

Absolutely. The demand is good, and sales are starting to take off. The only thing we don’t know is whether there’s enough supply. But whether there are really going to be shortages? Nobody knows the answer to that yet.” (..)

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