‘It’s important that our life’s work continues’

Anco pure Vanda and Thai breeder Suphachadiwong Orchids are merging. The first two letters of each company were used to create the new business name: Ansu. “We’ve already been working together for many years. Why not take the next step and merge?” say Steef van Adrichem, Ed Helderman and Tamlong and Heike Suphachadiwong.

“Strength is the basis of this merger. Two strong companies joining forces to become even stronger”, emphasises Steef van Adrichem towards the end of the interview. “Many outsiders are surprised about this step. They didn’t think we would give up the name Anco”, he adds. The phrase ‘we are stronger together’ is expressed several times this Friday morning. By Van Adrichem, as well as business partner Ed Helderman, and husband and wife Tamlong and Heike Suphachadiwong from Thailand.

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