More host plants Xylella need an EU passport

    The EU list of Xylella host plants is extended with a number of ornamental and fruit species.

    The European Commission has published update 9 of the EU list. The additional hosts are:

    > Cercis siliquastrum

    > Cytisus villosus

    > Ficus carica

    > Fraxinus angustifolia

    > Lavandula x intermedia

    > Prunus domestica

    > Rosa canina

    > Vitis vinifera

    Rosa canina replaces floribunda roses on the EU list.

    So far it’s unknown when EU member states start checking the additional hosts for passports in EU trade.

    Worldwide there are many more hosts plants susceptible to Xylella fastidiosa, but so far they are not (yet) on the EU list.



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