Floribusiness News Boosting the German market through collaboration BGI and Royal FloraHolland

Boosting the German market through collaboration BGI and Royal FloraHolland


Royal FloraHolland will become a Fördermitglied – literally a supporting member – at the Verband des Deutschen Blumen Gross- und Importhandels (BGI). This membership will enable Royal FloraHolland and its partners to work towards developing and stimulating the German market. Royal FloraHolland announced these plans at BGI’s Verbandstag in Essen.

The Fördermitglied position means that FloraHolland will work with partners to strengthen the German market. This fits seamlessly in with other Royal FloraHolland partnerships around the world to promote the floriculture sector.

Germany is the most important market for Royal FloraHolland’s growers. BGI is a non-profit organisation and represents the interests of players in floriculture on the German market. Its goal is to enable the floriculture sector to operate optimally in Germany.

The German market needs a boost. The share of wallet is decreasing, consumer spending has not risen in years, young consumers are lagging behind and there is also no growth in Royal FloraHolland’s export position there, despite it is increasing in other countries. One important direction for BGI is stimulating consumer spending.

Royal FloraHolland will not put its own efforts into boosting the German market. “We will maintain our position, and that means that in our role as neutral growers and traders on the market, we will provide the best support we can,” explains Lucas Vos, CEO of Royal FloraHolland. “Our joint interest is a healthy German market and we will work with other entities who share this goal.”

Royal FloraHolland has already entered into various partnerships across the world to brainstorm and to work on a wide range of subjects related to its role as marketplace. A few examples are Florint, the ‘International Florist Organisation’ and the ‘Floriculture Sustainability Initiative’ which promotes sustainability in the sector. In the Netherlands, Royal FloraHolland supports VGB. Through the Fördermitgliedschaft at BGI, Royal FloraHolland will now collaborate to stimulate the market in Germany.

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