Selecta one integrates Selecta France completely

Selecta one strengthens its presence on the French market by taking over the shares held by Challet-Hérault in the Selecta France S.A.S. joint venture, since its creation in 2017. This is the culmination of the integration process of the young plant business of Challet-Hérault in the Selecta one group.

Selecta one also takes over the complete breeding from Challet-Hérault, especially Chrysanthemums and Asters. This concerns genetic material and crossover databases, but also the collaborators in charge of breeding activities and the contracts in progress.

Selecta one highlights with this resumption the continuation of the long history of Challet-Hérault as a breeder and Chrysanthemum propagator, particularly recognized in France.


Jean Pierre Challet will remain at the disposal of Selecta France with his experience as a consultant for the selection and development of the assortment of Chrysanthemums.

After the integration into the Selecta one group and the reorganization of the sales sector in the previous year, Managing Director, Damien Chevrollier, can now focus fully on the development of the French market and the satisfaction of his customers.

The focus is on the quality of Selecta’s broad range of products as well as the strong service orientation and advisory service for French customers. The strong market position of Chrysanthemum will be strengthened and new promising varieties of Selecta one will be introduced. The Chrysanthemum range represents an important base for global expansion.

Selecta One

Selecta one is a world-leader in breeding, producing and marketing vegetatively propagated ornamental plants. The breeding activities include bedding and balcony plants, poinsettias, perennials and cut flowers. With eleven production sites and distribution companies in Europe, Africa, Asia and America, the corporate group serves all relevant markets worldwide.

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