Three Dutch plant growers have intention to merge from 1st January 2018

    The plant nurseries Leo Ammerlaan and Van der Lugt (both from Bleiswijk / Berkel & Rodenrijs) and the Grow Group (from Naaldwijk, with sites in Bergschenhoek, Baarlo and Kessel) intent to merge from 1st January 2018.. They will subsequently become one of the biggest market parties in the Netherlands, with a combined greenhouse surface area of approximately 55 hectares.

    Together they have an enormous amount of expertise in the growing of vegetables and ornamental plants, both at home and abroad. The combination will be presented under the group name Plantise and is ready for the future.

    Research has been conducted into the possibilities over the past months and the three management teams now have increased confidence and enthusiasm about the opportunities offered by a far-reaching collaboration with equal control.

    The three parties will be working on a full merger, based on equivalence, during the forthcoming months. They want to develop into a powerful industry party, purely from full commitment to each other. The merger company will be able to respond to market developments, required expertise, knowledge sharing and top quality standards more effectively from an efficient scale size, a sharper purchasing policy and with ambitions for further internationalisation and development opportunities for employees.

    This will create a solid foundation for growth, which comes with the full approval of the management teams and shareholders and will offer new opportunities for both them and the employees, even if the familiar environment will soon be changing, after sometimes more than 100 years of family activity.

    The intended merger will be further interpreted and worked out in detail with employees, MR/WC, banks and the tax authorities over the forthcoming months. Decisiveness, progressivity and carefulness are all important starting points in this process.

    Jos Stoit has been appointed as the Merger Director for this project. He will also continue with his role as General Director at Vanderlugt in a limited capacity.



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