Ton de Bresser (Selecta one): ’Recognition for years of breeding efforts’

Selecta one has won the 2017/2018 FleuroStar Award for its calibrachoa MiniFamous Double PinkTastic. The same breeder won the award two years ago for its petunia NightSky. That doesn’t make it less valuable though, says Ton de Bresser, Sales Manager Benelux and United Kingdom: “Pink is hot, so we’re absolutely delighted to get this kind of attention for our first pink, double flowered, bicolour calibrachoa.”


What does winning the FleuroStar Award mean to you?

“Calibrachoa is, together with pelargonium and poinsettia, an important breeding product for Selecta one. We patented the double-flowered calibrachoa in the United States, so we’re the only breeder with this variety on the American market. We’re totally over the moon that we’ve won the FleuroStar Award for a plant of this variety.”

We understood that breeder Anita Stöver in particular, was very happy with the award?

“Yes, and quite understandably, it was Anita who brought the double-flowered calibrachoa to the market around ten years ago, even though she felt it was far from perfect at that stage. The branching, root system and early flowering could all be improved on. But she always continued to believe in the product. The flowers always reminded her of roses and she could see a huge commercial potential. When that’s confirmed in the form of an award that puts a strong emphasis on a plant’s wow factor, that’s very rewarding.”

Is this award more important than the one you won two years ago for the petunia NightSky?

“You can’t really compare the awards you get for different products. The petunia NightSky was more unique and more of a niche product than the calibrachoa MiniFamous Double PinkTastic. We had always promoted the petunia NightSky as a standalone, rather than as part of a series like the MiniFamous Double PinkTastic. For that reason, winning the award for the petunia NightSky was very special, too. And it has definitely contributed to the popularity of the NightSky.”

So it’s a very important award?

“Yes, especially the year-long marketing support you get from Fleuroselect. When you introduce a new variety to the market, you do your own marketing too of course, but you can never do in the same focused way as Fleuroselect. There are so many other aspects to deal with as a breeder.”

Which of all of the great characteristics of this plant would you highlight?

“That it’s compact, flowers early and grows well. That’s what makes it attractive to traders and what makes it perform well in the garden.”

Is that why you won the award?

“The FleuroStar isn’t all about the properties of the plant, it’s also about the quality of the display at the point of sale during the FlowerTrials. I don’t know if it’s been the crucial factor, but with regards to presentation, we did better than ever before with the MiniFamous Double PinkTastic last week.”

Are you planning to expand your production of Double PinkTastic now?

“The budget for calibrachoa MiniFamous Double PinkTastic has indeed been increased. It might become the most important double-flowered plant in our assortment straight away. In one year, rather than after five or six years.”

 Which plant would you want to win the next award for?

“For one of our Marcada pelargoniums. It’s a garden plant with a long flowering period and it doesn’t require any deadheading, which makes it an extremely easy, low-maintenance plant for consumers.”

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