‘We aren’t just adding companies to our collection’

Hilverda De Boer made it to the news several times in the past few months. First because they were taking over Van Dijk Bloemen, and earlier this month because they announced a joint-venture with Finnish company Huiskula. CEO Gert-Jan Schoneveld: “Trading companies are still expanding. We don’t simply want to keep adding companies to our collection though; we prefer integration.

”Things are quiet at the office. Most of the employees are working at home. Gert-Jan Schoneveld feels it isn’t great for the dynamics within the company, but he accepts that this is the way it is for now. “We have a social responsibility.”

Hilverda De Boer supplies to traditional wholesalers, florist chains and event planners. The company experienced a few difficult weeks in the middle of March, but by now, things have calmed down again.

How’s business at the moment?

“We supply to more than sixty countries. Some markets are doing better than last year. But there are also some regions that are still struggling. Exports to America for example, are still difficult. And the trade to southern Europe is still causing some challenges too. All Saints’ Day is normally the most important sales day for this distribution market. This time, we’re shipping plants and flowers to these countries, but certainly not at the same level as previous years.” (..)

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