Worldwide association to Dutch industry

    In July the International Plant Propagators Society (IPPS) organizes a study tour and conference on topic issues in Dutch ornamental industry.

    For the first time in years the IPPS comes back to the Netherlands. The purpose of this global association, with more than 1,000 members ranging from growers to landscapers and other professionals, is sharing knowledge of plant production.

    Central starting point

    The tour through the Netherlands lasts from Monday July 10th until Friday July 14th. Starting point is hotel Avifauna in Alphen aan den Rijn, centrally located in the Netherlands between Aalsmeer/Schiphol and Boskoop.

    On Monday, excursions are scheduled to various companies with nurserystock in Lottum. On Tuesday nurseries will be visited in the Amsterdam region, including a visit of the flowers and plants auction in Aalsmeer.

    On Wednesday morning there is a conference in Avifauna, with experts giving presentations on a variety of subjects. Researchers of Wageningen University are for example involved in vanilla production in the Netherlands and adventitious root formation. In the afternoon there are excursions in Boskoop.

    On Thursday morning the conference in Avifauna proceeds with other presentations, including water cleaning with H2O2, crop growing with led lighting, and integrated pest management in Denmark. In the afternoon the Delphy Improvement Centre in Bleiswijk will be visited. This will include a presentation on innovations in precision agriculture.

    On Friday there are furthermore presentations in Avifauna, about for instance the light spectrum, how plants use it and how leaves absorb nutrients. There is also a presentation about electrostatic spraying, which is emission-free.

    Part of international tour

    In the week before the tour through the Netherlands, IPPS visits various companies and research stations in England and Belgium, and the week after also tree nurseries in Germany.

    There are several options possible to participate. More information available at IPPS Europe.

    The program on Friday July 14th is free of admission to everyone in ornamental industry.

    Last autumn IPPS Europe visited David Austin Roses in England. Click here to see a pictorial report made by Dutch magazine for hardy nurserystock De Boomkwekerij, part of Hortipoint.

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