AGRIFLOR 2019 focusing on smaller Ecuadorian growers

    In 3 months’ time AGRIFLOR will open its doors in Quito, Ecuador to the flower buyers of the world. Many exhibitors will be first timers. Flower growers that are in the industry for a long time already, but who are not exporting directly yet and now want to start doing so.

    AGRIFLOR will be focusing this year on different trading flower types than roses only. Reason why the theme of this year’s AGRIFLOR is: Sourcing different flowers from different growers. Furthermore, especially smaller Ecuadorian flower growers are exhibiting this edition, who mainly produced and sold their flowers to brokers until now, but now ready and willing to export direct and therefore eager to meet with international buyers that will attend the show.


    The connection with Proflora in Bogota, Colombia gives international buyers an opportunity to visit both shows in one trip. The show in Quito starts on Monday 30 September and lasts until Wednesday 2 October. Proflora will take place from 2 to 4 October.



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