‘Duckweed is a nice change from azalea’s’

    Belgian grower Hans Van De Steene was asked by Flemish research institutes to run a trial with duckweed as part of a study on growing and processing duckweed, a potentially rich source of protein. Duckweed could become an alternative to animal proteins or plant proteins that are imported across great distances, such as soybeans.

    Your farm is rather remote from the Azalea hotspot of Lochristi?

    “That’s right. I do indeed hail from that region, but when I tried to start a business with my wife Kathleen some 30 years ago, there was no land available there. Through an estate agent, we ended up here. Our location outside of the Lochristi region explains why we don’t have any flowering azaleas.”

    Why not?

    “Besides cultivation, the azalea trade is also clustered around Lochristi, and I often have to take our azaleas there. Because flowering azaleas are traded in smaller volumes, this is not profitable. Green azaleas, on the other hand, are traded in larger volumes, so transport costs are not as high. The vast majority of azaleas are exported and made to flower at their destinations.” (..)

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