Euroveiling modernising with large LED wall

    Belgian flower and plant auction Euroveiling has kicked off the new year with a brand new LED clock wall. The wall should help to improve the buyer experience, both in the hall and remotely. “In time, we want to show company videos of growers to give buyers even more information about the product,” the auction announced.

    Euroveiling in Brussels has invested “between 200,000 and 300,000 euros” in a new 75-square-metre LED wall. Specifically, the five former clock fronts, composed of LED clock circles with text bars, have been replaced by five individual, multicolour LED walls of 15m² per clock that, together, form a whole. Euroveiling hired automation specialist Aucxis for the job, a business that also assists companies in the online auctioning of fruits and vegetables.

    By investing in the new LED wall, the regional auction, which targets nurseries, garden centres and regional shops, is responding to growing online sales, among other things. “We expect a growth in webshop sales and remote buying, and we expect images and other multimedia messages to play an increasingly important role in this,” says Sim Echelpoels, General Commercial Director at Euroveiling. (..)

    Photo Euroveiling.

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