‘This does not mark the end of OFA’

    Online Flower Auction (OFA) has decided to temporarily stop auctioning as of 1 March. According tot CEO Daniëlle Strating-Geijteman not all of floriculture is ready yet for one-day-ahead auctioning, which has resulted in insufficient buying power”. In addition, the fact that growers did not auction their entire assortment through OFA affected the willingness to buy there.

    The OFA Director says the decision to temporarily stop auctioning does not mark the end of OFA. “That is not the idea; the decision does not stem from financial problems. The system is solid. We are taking our time to make the system even better and address the bottlenecks. But it will take quite a bit of work to make a new start. That is what we will be doing over the next few weeks.” (..)

    Daniëlle Strating-Geijteman, photo OFA.

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