Trade marketing is very important to Veiling Holambra

    We’ve presented the annual plan 2020 to our members. The activities regarding trade marketing got a special mention. It’s an area that we’re going to invest in. For example, by exhibiting at trade fairs with the aim of recruiting more retail chains. And by providing training for retail employees, teaching them how to look after and present plants and flowers, and how to create simple bouquets on the shop floor.

    We also make banners for special holidays and displays for flowers, hanging plants and mini plants. And we assist customers with the organisation of special sales days. All the costs are covered by the auction fees. The members supported the activities unanimously.

    Unfortunately, plants on display in the store are often not looked after properly. Plants that are dried out and plants and flowers that have almost finished flowering are no exceptions. We’ll have to make more of an effort. We need more people visiting the stores on a regular basis to provide training and report back to us. We’ve already got a team in place, but they don’t cover all of Brazil. We’ll have to expand it to include all the different regions.

    I recently travelled to the Netherlands with a group of young growers. They wanted to know more about the various Dutch cooperatives and how young people are contributing to them. We made good use of our time and visited three modern wholesalers on the first day: FleuraMetz, Agora Group and Dutch Flower Group. It gave us an idea of how the trade might develop for us in the coming years.

    During the next three days, we visited four cooperatives: Royal FloraHolland, Royal FruitMasters, Cono cheesemakers (Beemster cheese) and Royal Cosun (which includes Suiker Unie and Aviko). It was very interesting to see how these cooperatives all fulfil different functions for their members. From branding (Kanzi apples and Migo pears, Beemster cheese and Aviko) to adding product value, and new product development. The visits were inspiring and made everyone think.

    The director of the Dutch Council for Cooperatives, Arjen van Nuland, also told us more about the different ways to manage cooperatives and the role that young people can play in this. The group is going to present their vision and findings to our board members and management team next week. I’m looking forward to it!

    From sunny Brazil, I’d like to wish everyone a healthy and prosperous 2020!

    André van Kruijssen,

    Director Veiling Holambra

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