New biological system can tackle Xylella

Students from Dutch Wageningen University & Research have developed a biological system that could combat Xylella fastidiosa.

The system is based upon genetically engineered viruses who can tackle the pathogen. It has been developed within Xylencer, a project set up by an iGEM-team of Wageningen University & Research. iGEM means International Genetically Engineered Machine. Each year, students all over the world who are interested in synthetic biology (the design of cells or parts of cell with new properties) join a competition.

Cleo Bagchus of the Dutch iGEM-team wrote an article about Xylencer, the aim of the project, the results the team has achieved so far, and the challenges for the future. Read the article in the new Floribusiness magazine. If you don’t have a free subscription yet, click here and get immediate access.

Image by Xylencer

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